Category: SOCO Scene of the Crime Operative

S.O.C.O which is an abbreviation of “Scene Of Crime Officer” is a Philippine television investigation drama serial which based on the short stories of real events. It is a docudrama series based on Crime documentary, Horror documentary and investigative news. The series is created by ABS-CBN and developed by ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. It was directed by JV Noriega. This series starred Gus Abelgas and he is the one to host this drama serial. The series is a Philippine drama serial with almost 659 episodes till 5th January 2019. Each episode has a running time of about 45 minutes without advertisements. It is on aired on every Saturday evening. Ferdinand Enriquez is an executive producer of the show. The serial is edited by Edwin Hidalog, Joanas Pineda and Joemar Sarabia. It was first broadcasted by ABS-CBN Network on November 23, 2005 is still running till present.